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Our aim, is to take your business, small or big, that extra mile.
From the humblest of ventures and startups, to hobby projects and personal portfolios, to the big-name brands that have rewritten history, brings you total, and absolutely affordable website and web application solutions for you.
We help people like you, establish a classic, outstanding, and a beautifully tailored presence online, and connect you with the billions of users around the globe.

Web Development & Design

Your presence on the internet matters a lot, and we’re here, to help you achieve that professional, excellent, and outstanding presence, that enhances your business’ name, adds value to your service.
You have a product? You provide a service?
Let the internet know today!
Get Connected.


Concepts & Graphic Designing

They say, a picture, speaks a thousand words… We create visuals, striking to the eye, with direct call-to-actions, targeting tailored audiences, and bespoke markets.
Product Advertisements, Logos, Brochures… The entire works.

The portfolio is this way.


SEO & Web Analytics

Search Engine Optimization is where we optimize your website with the best possible keywords and techniques, that your clients use to find you. Search Engines are web applications like,, and so on, that help you browse the vast network of websites from around the world. Read More…

Maintenance & Support

Hiring a total in-house team of developers and administrators can be real costly. So at, we decided to bring you the virtual administrator.

For a fraction of the cost, our tailored service ensures that your website is up and running brilliantly, and is frequently backed up. We also try to get
Yes, connect with us today…

SEM & Social Media Marketing

A sometimes free, or expensive solution, this affordable solution for entities and businesses that need to boost their online sales.

Search Engine Marketing is primarily advertising with Search Engines like, in order to heavily boost your online presence, or sales. But with Social networks like,, and…

Hosting – Your website online

Totally exclusive to a curated selection of individuals, startups, high-end businesses, high-processing web applications and voluntary agencies, all small or big, provides your business with secure and stabilised web hosting solutions.

Do you use or wish to use’s solutions? Yes, you’re exclusive too. Dial Now.

Improving, Transforming, Building, Applications.

Changing the world; For the Better. Get in touch, let’s make a difference.
  • Experience That Counts

Years of experience in providing expert, tailored, and brilliant web solutions to businesses globally.

Key Advantages


We’ve been in the website and graphics trade for over 6 years.


We try to be on the front lines for all things web; So expect a reply to your queries within 24 hours.


We use the most appropriate state of the art hardware and software for you.

About Us

Our story, doesn’t really begin with the inception of CloudFactorii. Our story, begins further ago, where exists passion in creating websites, business identities, and seeing success in the eyes, of our clients.

Ihsan Infiyaz, just one of the elements behind, has been in the field of Websites, Graphics, and Computer Hardware, for a long, long, time.

It’s a “do what you love, and love what you do” approach, that actually makes one of the best companies today.

At, we understand our customer’s demands and from a filtered selection of developers, designers, and technicians, we choose the most appropriate one to work on your project.

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